Brian Howe grabbed everyone's attention when he replaced Paul Rodgers as Bad Company's lead vocalist. The globally acclaimed English songwriter and rock singer has died at age 66.

The popular singer's son Michael told TMZ that music was the reason why his father, Brian was put in this world and said he is glad that his legacy will live on. Howe died shortly after having a brief conversation with paramedics.

He was dealing with heart issues for a long time. Back in 2017, the British musician had a heart attack. Howe launched his career in 1984 through American hard rock guitarist Ted Nugent's eighth studio album, "Penetrator."

Bad Company Singer Brian Howe Succumbs To A Cardiac Arrest
Bad Company performs for the troops. Commons Wikimedia

Replacing Rodgers as a lead singer turned out to be the milestone of his career and since then, he handled various projects as a songwriter. In 1990, the album "Holy Water" received platinum status.

This album proved to be the most successful for all the members that followed by the blockbuster song, "If You Needed Somebody." "Here Comes Trouble" was the last album recorded by the group in 1992, while "How About That" became gold with the top 40 hits. However, Howe left the group after 1994.

"Leaving Bad Company was not a difficult decision, it had got to the point where nobody was contributing anything to songwriting and quite frankly the band was getting very very sloppy life," Howe said in an interview in 2011.

Later in his career, Howe released three albums. His last album was "Circus Bar" released in 2010. Being a member of the band for quite some time, Howe made appearances in multiple albums including "Holy Water," "Dangerous Age," "Fame And Fortune" and his final album with Bad Company entitled, "Here Comes Trouble."