Into the Badlands
M.K. (Aramis Knight) was captured in the "Into the Badlands" Season 1 finale, leaving fans wondering where he will end up in a possible Season 2. AMC

Will AMC renew martial arts series "Into the Badlands" for a second season? Fans are still waiting to find out. In the meantime, the Season 1 finale left viewers with more than a few questions about the show's wild, ever expanding world.

Here are 6 burning questions from the Season 1 finale:

1. What Do The Abbots Want With M.K.?

For six episodes the Barons searched for and fought over M.K. (Aramis Knight) while Sunny (Daniel Wu) tried to get the gifted boy out of the Badlands. However, in the season's final moments a group of powerful new characters showed up to steal M.K. away from Sunny with ease. Who are the mysterious Abbots?

"So, basically they are called Abbots and they are basically monks – or, at least, that is what they are inspired by – and they have learned to harness this dark chi," Aramis Knight told International Business Times after the finale. "They remain pretty mysterious throughout the series."

What the Abbots want with M.K. remains to be seen. Will they try to turn him into a weapon like Quinn (Marton Csokas) and the Widow (Emily Beecham), or will they help the boy learn to control his powers? Either way, M.K. is in for a big surprise when he finally gets out of that chest.

Watch the Abbots kidnap M.K. in the finale below:

2. What Will Sunny Do Next?

It was out of the frying pan and into the fire for Sunny after the Clipper failed to protect M.K. from the Abbots. The killer and his newfound conscience ended up a prisoner of the River King (Lance E. Nichols) after the River King discovered that Sunny had not, in fact, killed M.K. as promised in their deal. How will Sunny escape? And what will his priorities be when he does? Will he go looking for M.K., or will he just try to get Veil (Madeleine Mantock) and his unborn baby out of the Badlands as soon as possible?

3. Is Quinn Really Dead?

Sunny stabbed Quinn in the stomach in the finale, delivering some long overdue vengeance to his former master, but fans never saw the evil Baron take his last breath. In a post-Jon Snow (Kit Harrington on "Game of Thrones") world, that is enough for fans to leave room for doubt.

"I don't know if it is safe to say [Quinn] is dead. We don't see him die," says Knight. "That is something that would just be a guess because I have not seen any [Season 2] scripts yet."

Into the Badlands
Quinn (Marton Csokas, pictured) is stabbed by Sunny (Daniel Wu) in the "Into the Badlands" Season 1 finale. AMC

4. Will Lydia Come Back?

Speaking of Quinn, he banished his wife, Lydia (Orla Brady), under suspicion that she poisoned his new wife, Jade (Sarah Bolger), out of jealousy. Lydia fled to her father at a mysterious religious camp where she vowed to rededicate herself to her old life, renounce all material possessions, and be baptized. Is Lydia at the camp because it is her only option, or is she serious about returning to her father's way of life? Will she ever return to Quinn (if he is even alive) or the Fort?

5. Who Poisoned Jade?

As for the whole poison debacle, the fact that Lydia previously poisoned one of Quinn's wives made it easy to suspect she was guilty of poisoning Jade too. However, the Baroness' reaction to the news seemed like genuine surprise. Is it possible Jade, who had at least pretended to want to be friends and allies with Lydia, risked poisoning herself to get Lydia banished from the Fort?

6. Will Tilda Kill The Widow?

Speaking of poison, after a kidnapped Veil nursed the Widow's battle wounds, the doctor's daughter gave the Widow three vials, two of them deadly poison and one of them the medicine the Widow needed to survive. Veil bargained that when she was returned home safely she would tell Tilda (Ally Ioannides) which vial had the medicine. Now Tilda has the difficult choice of following orders and saving her mother or making a big power play in the Badlands. Up until this point, Tilda has blindly followed her mother's orders, believing that she planned to bring more equality to the Badlands, but M.K. and Veil have raised doubts by suggesting that the Widow is no different than Quinn. What will Tilda choose?