The Lifetime Christmas movies continue with the premiere of "Baking All the Way," starring Cory Lee and Yannick Bisson, on Thursday night.

This film, airing Thanksgiving night, will be a treat for fans eager to digest their large thanksgiving meals and get ready for Christmas. While they may not be familiar with Bisson, whose most notable role has been in "Murdoch Mysteries," they may find themselves surprisingly familiar with his co-star, who has actually starred in several Lifetime projects before, though this will be her first starring role in one of their holiday films.

Lee's previous credits on Lifetime included roles in "Mistletoe & Menorahs," "Christmas Stars," "His Fatal Fixation," "Pretty Cheaters, Deadly Lies," "My Father's Other Family," "The Evil Twin," "Deadly House Call" and "Danger in the House." Other credits include Hallmark's "My Grown-Up Christmas List" and UpTV's "A Christmas Masquerade."

So what can fans expect from this film? According to a synopsis, the two lead characters will find themselves at odds when it comes to a holiday gingerbread recipe.

"Julia Wilson, an accomplished pastry chef from Chicago, heads to a small-town bakery famous for their gingerbread to complete her Christmas cookbook," the synopsis reads. "There, she finds herself at odds with Kris Thompson (Bisson), the bakery's charming but private owner, who is ambivalent about sharing his secret recipe."

Will Julia be able to convince Kris to share the recipe, and maybe, his heart as well?

"Baking All the Way" airs Thursday at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

Baking All The Way
Cory Lee and Yannick Bisson star in “Baking All the Way.” Courtesy of Lifetime