• The images were shared on Facebook by Friends of Big Bear Valley group in California
  • The group assured that the bald eagle is naturally insulated for cold weather
  • The images were widely shared online

Parents can go to any extent to protect their children and birds are no exception. A wildlife camera installed in California captured the spectacle of a bald eagle braving the snow and cold temperatures to keep its eggs protected.

Friends of the Big Bear Valley group set up the camera in the San Bernardino National Forest in southern California and the eagle, named Jackie, hunkered down on its nest in an attempt to keep its eggs warm amid falling temperatures.

The group shared the heartwarming images on their Facebook profile only to be shared widely with people gushing over Jackie’s dedication as a parent.

"With snow falling in Big Bear for most of today, Jackie hunkered down and did the vast majority of the egg-sitting, as she always does during bad weather. She of course is certain that she is the most capable to protect the eggs, so she sat and sat, napping and getting snow-covered in between occasionally shaking it all off," the caption of the post read.

According to the post, bald eagles have 7,000 feathers, enabling them to trap heat which they transfer to their eggs to keep them warm. They also have heavy interlocking waterproof feathers.

Jackie is seen cloaked in heavy snow as it incubates its eggs. "It’s like Jackie has on 2 or 3 warm winter jackets," the post read.

"Even though she gets covered with snow at various points, there is no need to worry about Jackie in this cold weather--she is built for handling it," the post further mentioned.

Facebook users thanked the group for sharing the images. "So wonderful to watch these magnificent creatures...thank you for providing this bird’s eye view of nature battling the elements to bring new life into the world," one user wrote in the comment section.

"I’ve been so worried about Jackie and the eggs in this cold snowy weather. Your info on how well they are insulated and can stay warm and keep the eggs warm helped to ease my mind. Thank you for keeping us updated and I love how you tell their stories!" wrote another.

bald eagle
A bald eagle is pictured. Pixabay