Celebrated British graffiti artist Banksy is known worldwide for his engaging works. But mystery has continually surrounded the identity of the secretive artist.

Though his identity has never been officially confirmed, according to the New York Daily News, new photos possibly capture Banksy after his latest New York art installation encountered some technical issues. Banksy is currently in New York City for his newest project titled "Better Out Than In: An Artist Residency on the Streets of New York."

The Daily News reports that, according to a witness at the scene, the art installation was halted by "a technical failure Saturday night. The glowing pastoral scene ... abruptly lost power after only about half an hour on display." The witness, identified as network engineer Thomas McKean, added that he snapped a few photos of two men standing around the truck. McKean is convinced that that one of them was the secretive artist. He went so far as to follow the truck once it began moving again. Once stopped at a gas station, McKean asked one of the men if he was Banksy, to which the guy replied, "No man, I'm a truck driver."

Banksy opened up about the project in an interview with the Village Voice in September. Through his publicist Jo Brooks -- who acted as the facilitator for the exchange -- Banksy shared details about the month long project and why he chose to bring his work back to New York City. "The plan is to live here, react to things, see the sights -- and paint on them," Banksy said. "Some of it will be pretty elaborate, and some will just be a scrawl on a toilet wall." He added that he had scouted out numerous locations to place his art months ago. But the rapid development of many of these locations left him unable to use them, with him left "to find most of the empty lots I planned to use have got condos built on them already."

Banksy kicked off his exhibition on Oct. 1, already having stenciled paperboys, a Band-Aid covered heart balloon and a dog peeing on a fire hydrant across the city. Though many of his works have now been painted over by New York City graffiti artists, Banksy appears to remain committed to his goal to create at least one new piece of art in the city every day until Oct. 31.

Banksy's real name is thought to be Robin Banks or Robin Gunningham, though neither of these has been confirmed, the Daily Mail said. The only known fact about the artist is from Bristol, England. There have been two other possible Banksy sighting over the last few years -- with photos taken in Santa Monica, California, in 2011 and East London in 2007 allegedly showing the artist.