Barack Obama and Bill Clinton at Democratic National Convention 2012
Barack Obama and Bill Clinton Reuters

Barack Obama's Top Ten Most Surprising Statements From Acceptance Speech

10. “Hello-o-o-o Raleigh... or, uh, Winston-Salem, or, uh, Chapel Hill.. or wherever the hell we are!”

9. “Doesn't John Kerry look exactly like Herman Munster?”

8. “I've really come a long way from that mud hut in Kenya I was born in, haven't I?”

7. “Is Paul Ryan even old enough to drink?”

6. “How come them Republican chicks are so hot and you Democrat wenches are dog-pound city?”

5. “Foo Fighters really suck!”

4. “With that speech Bill Clinton gave last night, he must be gettin' paid by the minute!”

3. “Are all of Mitt Romney's wives as hot as Ann?”

2. “ I really keep Biden around just for comic relief!”

1. “I urge each and everyone of you to vote for Ron Paul, the next president of these United States!”