Malaysia Pargo Draya Michele feud
“Basketball Wives: LA” star Malaysia Pargo dishes on her strained relationship with Draya Michele. Pictured: Malaysia at the ALL Def Movie Awards on Feb. 24, 2016 in Los Angeles. Getty Images

Malaysia Pargo is OK with not being friends with her former “Basketball Wives: LA” co-star Draya Michele. The two had a falling out last season, and have not patched things up. In fact, it seems Malaysia has no intentions of ever trying to rebuild their friendship.

During Sunday’s “VH1 Live!,” host Marc Lamont Hill asked Malaysia a fan-submitted question about the status of her and Draya’s relationship. “Ask @MalaysiaPargo would she ever try to rebuild her friendship with Draya? Life is to [sic] short to hold grudges,” the question read.

The VH1 reality star responded saying that she doesn’t hold grudges, but knows when it’s time to let certain people go and move on. “I don’t hold grudges at all; I pray for people and walk away,” she said. “But there are certain people you should not have in your life after it’s done.”

In June, Malaysia opened up about her beef with Draya telling that she “never” wants to say Draya’s name again. She told the outlet that one of the reasons she and Angel Brinks kept having so many issues last season was because of Draya. “I felt like last season Angel took advantage of my kindness,” she explained. “I felt like her friend [Draya] guided her in a way, to try and destroy my image.”

Luckily for Malaysia, she won’t be butting heads with Draya on the current fifth season of the show. After feuding with several of her co-stars on Season 4, Draya announced last October that she was quitting the series. In an interview with at the time she said she was “mentally over it” and wanted to focus on other things.

“I don’t need every single thing I do to be on TV and to be judged,” she said. “I just don’t like it anymore. I just want to live a more private life. It ruins families, relationships, work relationships; I think it tarnishes your name.”