It seems like only yesterday that “Bates Motel” opened for its second season, yet the A&E series came to a close on Monday night. Blood, drugs and sex flowed in Season 2, but in the season finale, viewers found themselves coming full circle -- with Norman’s blackouts becoming stronger.

[WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Do NOT continue reading unless you watched the Season 2 finale of “Bates Motel.”]

As we previously reported, Norman suffers from dissociative identity disorder, an illness activated by stress.

“It comes out of children who are repeatedly traumatized, either sexually traumatized or live in a very violent environment,” executive producer Kerry Ehrin explained to Entertainment Weekly prior to the finale. “They’re basically repeatedly scared over and over and over again as children to the extent that they literally retreat into themselves and they pull out a different personality that they can put forward to go deal with whatever is scaring them to death.”

And as “Bates Motel” fans saw in the finale, Norman’s different personality took on the form of his mother. While strapped in for a polygraph test about the murder of Miss Watson, Norman had another one of his blackouts when asked whether he killed his teacher. Beginning to hallucinate Norma, his alternate personality revealed the truth:

“You need to know something very important,” explained the hallucination of Norma. “You didn’t kill Blaire Watson. I did.”

Norman’s alternate personality proceeded to ask him to keep the secret, and promised to always be there to protect him … no matter what.

Post-finale, Kerry Ehrin spoke to TV Guide about Norman’s disorder -- and how his alternate personality is getting stronger.

“It’s more of a genuine emergence of this distinct other personality that actually has the power to influence not only Norman Bates’ brain, but his entire body,” Ehrin dished on how he passed the polygraph test.

“Norman’s definitely sinking more and more into this,” the EP teased. “Partly because he’s dealt with a hell of a lot of stress in the last three years.”

So, where does that leave “Bates Motel” fans going into Season 3?

According to Ehrin, Norman will keep flip-flopping with this dark personality. However, his main demeanor will remain “incredibly sweet” and likable.

“That’s always going to be a part of who this character is,” Ehrin continued. “He is a good kid who is deeply messed up and doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

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