• "Battlefield 2042" lets users play alone with and against bots
  • Custom Portal modes can only be configured via the online Experience Builder
  • All custom game modes will be linked directly to the user's EA account 

One of the biggest features in “Battlefield 2042” is Portal mode, a sandbox of sorts that allows players to create custom matches tailored to their own tastes — including solo lobbies populated with AI-controlled teammates and enemies.

Those who are getting a little tired of the mayhem in the standard modes may find some respite in Portal’s custom lobbies. Here, players can mix and match their preferred “Battlefield” eras and revisit some of the most popular maps of the past like “Valparaiso” and “El Alamein.”

However, there’s no in-game customization menu of any sort, which may lead to some players getting confused about how to make their own Portal games. It’s a baffling design decision at first glance, but it all makes sense in the grander scheme of things.

How to host solo lobbies in “Battlefield 2042” Portal mode

To create a custom match, players need to open their internet browser and visit the Experience Builder on the official “Battlefield” Portal website.

The sheer scale of “Battlefield 2042’s” customizability is nothing to scoff at. On this website, players will get to fully customize their Portal game modes through an easy-to-use interface that ties directly to their EA accounts.

[Battlefield 2042] The browser-based Experience Builder lets Battlefield players easily customize their Portal matches The browser-based Experience Builder lets Battlefield players easily customize their Portal matches Photo: Battlefield 2042 Experience Builder

Log in with an EA account and follow the on-screen prompts to create a custom Portal game mode. The Experience Builder will let players pick from all maps, eras and game modes available as of the current version of “Battlefield 2042,” and setting up a custom game is as easy as picking options and adjusting sliders.

After setting up all the necessary parameters, click on “Finish” in the lower-right corner of the UI. Give it a name and a short description, then hit “Save.” Once saved, head back to the game and host a new Portal lobby. The new game mode should be selectable.

How to enable Rules Editor

The last section of the Experience Builder is the Rules Editor, which allows players to write their own custom code to create unique game modes. Players may find this section of the builder locked during their first time making a custom game mode, however.

To access this section, make sure the main mode is set to Team Deathmatch or Free For All. The Rules Editor will be grayed out if players are creating a Conquest- or Rush-based game mode.