The Battlefield 3 multiplayer gameplay trailer hit the web earlier this week, making gamers' trigger fingers all the more itchy:

Though most shooters like the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises contain single-player campaigns, what really draws players in is the multiplayer modes. What Battlefield's multiplayer does best is the large scope of its maps along with destructible buildings. There is nothing better than taking out a sniper's nest by blowing up the wall he is hiding behind.

EA recently posted a host of stats about their open beta. At 8 million players the beta has a population that rivals New York. Players have also shot 47 billion bullets in the game.

The new multiplayer includes a few new features. One of the most interesting additions is the suppressive fire system. When players are being shoot at it will halt their health regeneration and make their screen shake-making it harder for them to fire back.

They have also switched the classes around. The assault will now be getting the defibrillator, giving them the power to revive newly killed teammates. The developers have replaced the Medic class with the Support class who will now dispense ammo for teammates and carry the light machine gun.

Other additions include being able to switch from fully-automatic to semi-automatic firing modes on the fly (but only on certain weapons). Bipods will be introduced to steady some weapons. Battlefield is also launching a new social networking site that tracks kills and other stats. Also jets are making their way back into the fold.

Excited gamers can get their hands on the game Oct. 25.