Emma Watson
Emma Watson is going to star as Belle in Disney’s live movie adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast.” In this photo, Watson arrives for the UK premiere of “Noah” in London on March 31, 2014. Reuters/Paul Hackett

It’s only a couple more weeks before “Beauty and the Beast” makes its way to cinemas, and Disney is definitely getting fans even more excited as it shared a new video featuring Belle (Emma Watson) singing in an iconic scene.

In the clip, Belle sings her self-titled song as she makes her way through the “poor provincial town,” like she does every morning. She gets a few rolls from the baker, checks up on her neighbors, skips over the pond and passes over the boys heading to school. A few women doing laundry comment that her “head’s up on some cloud” and that there’s “no denying she’s a funny girl that Belle.”

Earlier, Watson responded to some of the movie’s critics. Many believe that “Beauty and the Beast” glorifies the Stockholm Syndrome, a condition in which hostages develop trust and affection for their captors. However, Watson believes otherwise.

She told Entertainment Weekly that at first, she also grappled with the association of Stockholm Syndrome with the story, but the more she got to know Belle, the more she realized that this wasn’t the case at all. “Belle actively argues and disagrees with [Beast] constantly. She has none of the characteristics of someone with Stockholm Syndrome because she keeps her independence, she keeps that freedom of thought,” she said.

In fact, Belle went out of her way to give the Beast “hell.” “She gives as good as she gets,” explained Watson. “He bangs on the door, she bangs back. There’s this defiance that ‘You think I’m going to come and eat dinner with you and I’m your prisoner — absolutely not.’ I think that’s the other beautiful thing about the love story. They form a friendship first and that gap in the middle where there is this genuine sharing, the love builds out of that, which in many ways I actually think is more meaningful than a lot of love stories, where it was love at first sight.”

“Beauty and the Beast,” directed by Bill Condon, will hit cinemas on March 17.