• Malia White is reportedly dating engineer Jake Baker
  • Baker shared a snap of them kissing on his Instagram account
  • Baker appeared on "Below Deck Mediterranean" Season 6

Malia White has seemingly found a new love after her split from ex Tom Checketts.

White's rumored boyfriend, Jake Baker, appeared to have made their romance official on social media. On Sunday, he shared a snap of him kissing White in a photo on Instagram, and he placed a black heart emoji in the caption.

Chief stew Katie Flood commented on the snap with a fire emoji. Meanwhile, stew Courtney Veale wrote that White and Baker "just broke the internet" with their sweet photo together.

According to the outlet, Baker, an engineer, appeared on the sixth season of the Bravo series. He also paid tribute to White on her birthday last month.

"HAPPY BIЯTHDAY to the Moon Boot Queen herself [black heart emoji] ILY," he wrote on Instagram at the time.

White has never posted pictures of her with Baker on Instagram. However, the pair enjoyed a double date with their former boss Captain Sandy Yawn and her girlfriend earlier this year, according to the outlet.

In a previous interview, White admitted her relationship with Sandy took an awkward turn when the captain questioned her sexuality.

"Malia, I think, secretly gay, to be honest. That’s my opinion. Everybody in production thinks that," Sandy said in a video about a year ago. "This is going to be public, isn’t it? So maybe, who knows?" she added.

"To be fair, that comment was made the night before we started filming. So I kind of had to just get on the boat and put a big smile on," White told Us Weekly while reacting to the clip. "I think with Captain Sandy, the thing that I know to be true is she never means harm. She never means disrespect or she never means for it to be hurtful."

White's new romance with Baker came almost a year after her split from Checketts. She confirmed that they have called it quits in September last year.

"My personal life seems to be quite the topic at the moment," she said in a two-part video titled "PSA" on Instagram. "I am not on Twitter. I don’t do a lot of Instagram Lives, so I thought I would send out a message in my own words."

"Yes, Tom and I have split. The details surrounding all of it I am trying to keep a little private just out of respect to him and I. But yes, I am single," she added.

In an interview with Us Weekly in July, White seemingly confirmed that Checketts cheated on her. According to her, they were working on different boats and had no time to see each other, and "yeah, he found someone else on his boats, and I didn’t know for a couple of months."

Below Deck Med Season 5 Cast
The cast of Season 5 of Bravo's "Below Deck Meditteranean" is pictured. Laurent Basset/Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo