When individuals are on the job hunt, health insurance coverage plays a big decision into identifying which employer best suits their needs. A medical emergency can occur at any time, so employee’s want to have a safety net of coverage, as such costs can become so substantial that they can become a big debt in the long run. Finding an employer-provided insurance plan can be a significant burden lifted off the shoulders of prospective employees. However, finding the right insurance plan is no walk in the park.

Companies of all sizes have difficulty finding suitable health insurance at a low rate. Jason Zuccari is the vice president of business development for Hamilton Insurance Agency, he lends his expertise on finding a perfect balance when it comes to health insurance coverage for both employers and employees. Zuccari says that finding providing suitable insurance that doesn’t eat into an employer's bottom line can be a problematic endeavor. Regardless of the fact that a business can find a golden middle, issues like onboarding employees and enrolling can arise.

BeneBee is Zuccari’s solution that aids companies in this seemingly arduous task by changing how employers integrate various benefits and packages. BeneBee makes health insurance coverage convenient for employees so they can get the care they need, as the insurance options are clear and easy to manage.

BeneBee is a mobile application that has all the necessary resources for employers and employees to understand the specific details of health insurance coverage. BeneBee includes a company-specific handbook that caters to each respective brand, on-demand customer service support, 24/7 telemedicine, a virtual insurance card for each user, and a step-by-step tutorial for enrolling in insurance programs.

When employees hear the phrase “open enrollment”, they often have mixed feelings of joy and tension. They are happy to know that help with medical bills is imminent, but they also become anxious when adding the cost of copays, covered services, and deductibles into the equation. BeneBee absolves such fear by guiding employees every step of the way through the process of enrollment, BeneBee also provides instructional videos that provide more in-depth support. If an employee experiences an administrative issue, on-demand service reps can help solve any problems. Both employers and employees share a mutual desire to get great coverage at a great rate.

BeneLink Connect is another great tool provided by BeneBee. This tool helps employers handle the enrollment process from start to finish, doing everything from collecting employee data to auditing invoices. BeneLink Connect also handles employee onboarding, billing, invoicing, managing logistics, ensuring ACA compliance, as well as necessary IRS reporting. Zuccari strongly believes that BeneBee will combine comprehensive insurance resources together in one place for both employers and employees.

For more information on BeneBee and formulating an insurance plan for your company, check out Hamilton Insurance Agency.