Today's smartphone apps make life easier for people. These apps help people communicate with family and friends from far away, help people focus on their work, and help them be reminded of the things they need to remember.

Some apps also help people learn new things, such as a new language. Those who didn't so well in language class in school can learn new languages like Spanish, Greek and French with a little help from their smartphone.

Here are some of the best language learning apps that will help people speaking in a foreign language in the soonest time, as per CNet:


Duolingo makes learning several languages easy using a colorful interface and entertaining exercises. It has a user-friendly design, and has a feature that tracks a user's progress to motivate them to learn even more. This is a free app, but getting a Premium subscription allows users to chat with a tutor that speaks the language being learned.


Babbel is a free language app that puts users in an online school kind of learning experience. It teaches words translated in different languages, and indicates if these words are formal or informal. It also includes variations of the words or phrases being taught. Users will learn how to use these words in common conversations, including learning how to pronounce these by listening to audio recordings.


Memrise is a free app that's perfect for those looking to learn new languages for everyday conversations. It uses short videos showing how locals talk casually according to their respective language.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a language learning service that started decades ago using discs. The modern-day version comes in the form of an app that offers audio lessons accompanied by images. Users can start with a free trial, then proceed to getting a subscription that's sure to help them learn foreign languages they can use in real-life.


Drops is the perfect app for those who want to learn a lot of languages including Greek, which is often considered intimidating. It helps users learn each and every word from both the Greek and English alphabets in a fun way using images and a colorful interface. The app also teaches users how to say the words.

Language learning apps make learning foreign languages easier. DariuszSankowski/Pixabay