Online videos have significantly rose in popularity in recent years. By 2025, it is expected that the video market enterprise should reach about $25.6 billion. Hence, it makes sense that you invest in online video content for your business. Visual engagement is a vital aspect of video content. You need to catch your audience’s attention to get them to share it on their social media platforms. While film shorts and bite-sized videos are great for social media, live stream videos may be a bit trickier. So how do you get users to watch, engage and share your live stream videos?

You need the best live streaming service to simplify your entire production process. From content creation to editing and posting on the proper platforms, the best streaming service app should be able to do it all. 

Be.Live lets you have up to 4 guests on screen Be.Live lets you have up to 4 guests on screen Photo:

Introducing Be.Live, an easy-to-use and customizable web-based streaming platform that supports Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. As one of the best live streaming software of 2021, Be.Live is a live streaming studio that allows you to create live streams and repurpose them into shorter videos and podcasts for later use. It also effectively engages your audience and grows your community. The company’s mission is to help broadcasters, business owners and content creators grow their communities through live videos.

Features and Benefits

1. Host live talk shows and invite up to four guests on screen

Be.Live lets you add more value to your live streams by allowing up to four guests on screen. Inviting guests who already have a following is a great way to gain and engage your audience. You can generate and share your permanent guest link with trusted guests and recurring talent on your show so they can hop on quickly.

But if you want more security, you can also generate a unique and secure guest link for every stream and share it with anyone you want to invite. Be.Live also has a Staging Area for up to 10 guests waiting to go live. 

2. Stand out with limitless customization options

Be.Live lets you fully customize your live streams Be.Live lets you fully customize your live streams Photo:

Be.Live lets you share through different types of media in your stream and share your screen to do walk-throughs. It lets you add fun elements to keep viewers interested like falling snow, a countdown timer and sticky notes. 

You can even add an overlay or frame that matches your brand, logo and colors to help create a seamless viewer experience or you can include a text crawler to provide a teaser, call-to-action or highlight viewers’ comments for better engagement. Its simple user interface makes it easy to customize your live videos where you can use a virtual background without the need for a green screen.

Be.Live’s customization options and easy-to-use interface make it easily rank as one of the best live streaming software of 2021. It offers fully customizable branding and appearance for your videos compared to Streamyard, which only offers logo placement, overlays and backgrounds or even Restream, which only offers templates and overlays for your videos.  

3. Go live whenever, wherever with the mobile studio app

Be.Live's mobile app lets you go live anywhere Be.Live's mobile app lets you go live anywhere Photo:

Be.Live streaming app’s mobile counterpart offers on-the-go versions of the software. You can simultaneously stream up to five destinations and invite guests for a split-screen interview. It also lets you customize your stream with your brand logo and colors while highlighting viewers' comments live on screen, all right from your phone.

Be.Live is one of the few live streaming services that have a mobile app feature for on-the-go convenience. Even major live stream software like Streamyard and Restream don’t offer an app for iOS and Android that you can directly use. 

Be.Live Plans

Consider Be.Live as your go-to live streaming software. It’s a great alternative to other live streaming services like Streamyard and Restream because it offers a free trial. Streamyard offers a 14-day free trial while Restream only offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.  However, just like Streamyard and Restream, Be.Live offers a “Freemium” basic plan that you can use for free but with limited features. 

Be.Live lets you display comments in real time Be.Live lets you display comments in real time Photo:

Here are some features you get with Be.Live. 

Be.Live Free

  • Be.Live watermark
  • Up to 3 shows per month
  • Only up to 2 people on the screen

However, if you choose to go further and subscribe to a plan, they offer a plethora of features for a great affordable price. Check out Be.Live TV pricing below.

Be.Live Standard Plan for $29.99/month

  • Unlimited shows or streams
  • Up to 8 hours of streaming
  • Custom branding (custom logo, background, overlay, themes and brand colors)
  • Live broadcasts recorded (while online only)
  • 4 guests on screen
  • Sign up with Facebook or YouTube (no account transfer)
  • Host screen share
  • Host audio only (great for podcasts)
  • Split-screen (up to 12 screen layouts)
  • Schedule broadcast
  • HD video download
  • On-screen elements
  • Display comments on the screen
  • Mobile streaming app (iOS beta)
  • Facebook Live, YouTube Live and LinkedIn Live
  • Simulcast
  • Background removal of 460p, low resolution
  • 30-day storage

While live streaming apps of the same caliber like Streamyard and Restream offer a lower price point at a small difference, we feel that Be.Live is easy to use and ideal for beginners when it comes to live streaming. Its Basic Plan offers more robust customization options that personalize your videos making them look more professional, fun and of course, engaging. 

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