Use these Twitter accounts to stay on top of the latest fashion trends.
German designer Karl Lagerfeld walks on the runway during his 2011-2012 Cruise collection show for French fashion house Chanel at the Cap d'Antibes on the French Riviera May 9, 2011. Reuters

We're all busy, but being busy doesn't mean it has to be hard to stay current on the hottest fashion trends. On Monday we brought you the best fashion apps, today we're talking about the best Twitter accounts for the fashion obsessed. Follow these tweetintg fashionistas, get Twitter on your BlackBerry or iPhone and never miss a moment of what's hot in fashion.

1. DKNY PR Girl: She's in-the-know and she's fun! Her unmatched coverage of the CFDA Awards on Monday night is reason enough to follow her, but she also provides tips, advice and pictures of the latest trends. She's also very good at replying to those in need of fashion assistance. Also, if you're a Gossip Girl fan, watch her Twitter feed Mondays at 9 p.m. when a new episode is on. Her tweets are hilarious and always fashion relevant.

2. Cathy Horyn of the NY Times: The New York Times fashion critic and runway blog editor always has the latest in fashion on her Twitter feed. She also re-tweets a breadth of fashion-related tweets including ones about books, shops and individual designers. Her Twitter account is a one-stop shop for fashion news.

3. Fuggirls: The Twitter for, Fuggirls are the hilarious equivalent to Horyn. Fuggirls point out the ridiculousness of some celebrity style in a humorous way, much like Perez Hilton, only less obnoxious and less abrasive.

4. MrJoeZee: Joe Zee, Creative Director of Elle and reality T.V. fashion celebrity (thanks, MTV!) has a pretty awesome Twitter, if only because it makes you totally jealous that he gets to rub elbows with designers and see a Louis Vuitton fashion show every day (well, that's what it feels like!). Joe tweets the latest fashion trends and gives his expert opinion. It's like having your best shopping partner on Twitter and on-call 24/7.

5. Cutblog: New York Magazine's fashion blog is 1. hilarious 2. the go-to Twitter for the best of New York City fashion and 3. Super hilarious. The matter-of-fact quips and so painfully true, but witty comments make for great entertainment. Their coverage of Monday's CFDA Awards was second only to DKNY's.

6. Hilary Alexander: The best Twitter for (mostly) British and Europe-focused fashion Tweets. Hilary is a fashion writer for the Telegraph.

7. WomensWearDaily: The official Twitter for Women's Wear Daily is the Cliff Notes version of fashion news.

8. Sartorialist: Ever wonder what real-life people, you know, not runway models, are wearing on the street everyday? What are the fashionable everyday men and women wearing to work, the club, the grocery store? Well, Sartorialist gives you the best photos of street fashion.