Actress Betty White is an American icon who brings smiles to millions of people’s faces, but she tends to trend on Twitter quite often, which scares the internet into thinking something happened to her since she is 99-years-old.

White will be celebrating her 100th birthday next January and still makes television appearances and speaks out about various issues. From staring in “The Golden Girls” to voicing various animation films, she’s grown a pretty large fanbase.

There are many times when her name will randomly trend on Twitter due to a memory or a monumental moment she was involved in on that day, which brings thousands of users’ hearts to skip a beat.

It’s gotten so bad some have even asked for a disclaimer when she’s going to be trending on the internet for something good.

On her 99th birthday, she shared how she’s been able to live so long and what her secret is.

"I am blessed with good health," she told People, "so turning 99 is no different than turning 98."

She also explained that it’s important to laugh, stay positive, avoid complaining, drink vodka and eat hotdogs, keep busy and exercise your mind, USA Today reported.

Betty White Emmys
Betty White speaks onstage during the 70th Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 17, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Kevin Winter/Getty Images