• Beyonce is turning 40 next month
  • She revealed she used to be shy as a young singer
  • She also plans to pursue opportunities outside the music industry

Beyonce opened up about dealing with the pressures of being a budding Black performer at a young age. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the singer reflected on turning 40 next month, her past challenges and her aspirations.

Talking about what the past two decades have taught her, Beyonce reflected on her early days as a singer and how the challenges she had faced as a young Black singer pushed her to become better in her craft. She also opened up about how one scripture from the Epistle of James had taught her to always put in the work and be open to growth.

“Because I was an introvert, I didn’t speak very much as a child,” she told the outlet. “I spent a lot of time in my head building my imagination. I am now grateful for those shy years of silence. Being shy taught me empathy and gave me the ability to connect and relate to people. I’m no longer shy, but I’m not sure I would dream as big as I dream today if it were not for those awkward years in my head.”

“I was competing in dance and singing competitions at age seven. When I was on the stage, I felt safe. I was often the only Black girl, and it was then that I started to realize I had to dance and sing twice as hard. I had to have stage presence, wit, and charm if I wanted to win,” she continued.

Beyonce also revealed her plans to pursue opportunities outside the music industry, saying it’s hard going against the grain but she’s giving it a try.

“Being a small part of some of the overdue shifts happening in the world feels very rewarding,” she told the publication. “I want to continue to work to dismantle systemic imbalances. I want to continue to turn these industries upside down. I plan to create businesses outside of music,” she added.

Further talking about when her fans can expect new music, the singer revealed she has been in the recording studio for a year and a half. “After 31 years, it feels just as exciting as it did when I was nine years old. Yes, the music is coming!” she said.

Beyonce at the BET Awards 2020. Twitter/ BET