Kim Kardashian Instagram followers
Kim Kardashian set a record last year becoming the most-followed celebrity on Instagram, but she no longer holds that title. Pictured: Kardashian at the #BlogHer16 Experts Among Us conference in Los Angeles, on Aug. 5, 2016. Getty Images

Exactly one year ago today, Kim Kardashian had the most popular Instagram account with a whopping 44.1 million followers. Even though her followers have nearly doubled in the last 12 months, the queen of risqué selfies and flawless photos no longer holds that title.

Last August, Kardashian had beat out celebrities like Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez to become the most-followed Hollywood star on the photo sharing site. At the time, — which keeps track of how many followers celebrities have — said the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star had 44,005,604 followers. Beyoncé was in second with 43.9, followed by Taylor Swift who had 43.7. Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande rounded out the top five with both having a little over 41 million followers.

Even though Kardashian is extremely active on Instagram and gets millions of likes on her posts, the mom of two has now found herself with the fifth most popular account. Based on SocialBlade’s numbers, Gomez now holds the top spot with 96.6 million Instagram followers. Her BFF Swift is in second with 89.5 and Ariana Grande is in third with 82.6 million followers. Beyoncé, who doesn’t post nearly often as the other ladies, comes in fourth place also with 82.6. Kardashian, according to the site, has close to 81 million followers.

Lately, Kardashian’s Instagram has been getting her into some trouble and it has nothing to do with her twerk videos or half-naked photos. Variety reported on Monday that consumer watchdog group Truth in Advertising fired off a letter to Kardashian and her siblings because they found over 100 Instagram posts that were paid product placements but were not marked as advertisements by the girls. In a blog post, the group said Kardashian was the second worst offender, her half-sister, Kylie Jenner is the biggest offender.

The Kardashian clan has a week to remove the posts or the group said it was going to contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which would lead to an investigation being launched. According to the FTC’s website, celebrities and other media personalities are supposed to be include words — such as “sponsored” or “paid ad” — to let their fans know they have some type of deal with the company they’re posting about.