Beyonce’s baby bump is in news again.

When Beyonce appeared for an interview on Australia’s Sunday Night television program, her baby bump appeared to fold in on itself beneath her pink dress as she sat. After the baby bump mysterious fold, the Web was set afire with speculations that she is not really pregnant and she is wearing a prosthetic baby bump.

Beyonce’s bulging stomach mysteriously folded inside and collapsed as she sat down for an interview.

The rhythm-and-blues queen announced her pregnancy in August at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles. The pregnancy news shocked her fans because the couple is known for keeping a low profile in public.

When Beyonce announced her pregnancy, a top industry insider said she fooled the world by wearing a fake belly on the day of the award show. She wore a prosthetic belly to make the announcement seem more dramatic, the insider said.

According to the insider, Beyonce was only about 8 weeks' pregnant during the VMA award. The accusations started when fans began to notice the Baby Boy singer’s seemingly flat stomach just a week before the VMA event.

However, Beyonce’s publicist Yvette Noel-Schure denied the reports of her faked pregnancy and said those reports are stupid and false.

During the interview, Beyonce revealed that her first baby is due next February.

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Below is the video of Beyonce's interview on Australia’s Sunday Night television program: