Humphries and Kamber
Kris Humphries and Bianka Kamber in happier times. Hello Beautiful/Creative Commo

Bianka Kamber, Kris Humphries' girlfriend before the basketball player hooked up with Kim Kardashion, has a lot to say about the reality couples: including the fact the Humphries used to mock Kim K for being trashy even as he played her [Kamber] for a fool in their relationship.

Kamber, 28, a palliative care nurse, dated the NBA player for two years. On Nov. 25, she gave a damning interview to The Daily Mail, spilling the dirt on Kris Humphries and his initial reaction to Kim and the Kardashian family.

According to Kamer, Humphries hated the Kardashian family, frequently mocking the reality stars and calling their show garbage. He saved some of his best insults, however, for his bride-to-be.

No Kardashian Fan

Bianka Kamber bears a rather striking resemblance to Kim Kardashian, and many friends have told her she could pass for the 31-year-old reality star. The one person who didn't agree? Kris Humphries, who told Kamber she was way better looking than Kim K.

In fact, Kris Humphries was so antagonistic towards the Kardashian clan that he refused to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians with Kamber, and would leave the room when she turned it on.

If Bianka Kamber decided to tune in to the most recent Kardashian drama, Humphries would go sulk, playing the war game Call of Duty on his XBox until his girlfriend turned it off.

He would say: 'When you're ready to watch something that's a lot more education and not a load of garbage, I'm in the other room, Kamber recalled.

Bianka Kamber's most striking recollection of Humphries' attitude towards the Kardashians, however, is what he said about future wife Kim, whom he met just weeks after his relationship with Kamber fell apart.

He said she was only famous for having a sex tape, Kamber asserted. Kris [Humphries] also said he thought I was a lot more attractive than Kim.

'He had great family values.'

When Bianka Kamber talks about Kris Humphries, it seems at times as though the 28-year-old is the one that got away. After all, her relationship with Humphries lasted two years, while Kim Kardashian met, married, and divorced the NBA player in roughly half that time.

Describing their first meeting, Kamber said she was hesitant to date an athlete (they're usually just players after every girl they can get) but changed her mind after getting to know the cute, shy boy at the Toronto nightclub a little better.

Describing him as funny, adventurous and charming at times, in his own way, Kamber said she was especially drawn to Humphries' upbringing, yet another thing that distinguishes her from Kim Kardashian. She was charmed by his thoughtfulness, his Christian upbringing and his Midwestern politeness.

He also had great family values, Kamber said.

'We had great chemistry.'

It was those same traits, including some less-than-stellar attributes, that made Humphries' relationship with Kim Kardashian so odd. It's also the reason, Kamber asserted, that they split up in the first place.

For one, Humphries was the slow and steady type, and Kamber said she was shocked when she heard he was engaged after only six months. The NBA player was also awkward and shy, disliking paparazzi and large crowds.

Most notably, he was very immature. Kris had no flirting skills whatsoever, Bianka Kamber recalled. Flirting to him was like burping and like blowing in your face, or farting and then throwing the covers over your head. Literally, as gross as that sounds... [it was] playful but very immature.

Despite his childish antics, however, Kamber did tease that Humphries did have one quality she, and possibly Kim, found very attractive: love skills. All I can say, she told The Mail, is we had great chemistry.

'He missed his chance.'

Lest anyone think this relationship has a second chance, however, Bianka Kamber also had plenty of bad things to say about Kris Humphries, claiming there's no way she'd be willing to date the basketball player again.

As their relationship got more serious, Kamber felt increasingly hurt by Humphries' empty promises of marriage. Despite a tentative shopping trip for an engagement ring, Humphries never popped the question, and showed no real signs of doing so.

In another parallel to his relationship with Kim Kardashian, Humphries started the relationship breakdown by making it long-distance. He moved from the Toronto Raptors to Dallas Mavericks in 2009, and by the summer of 2010 the romance was gone. He dumped Kamber without so much as saying good-bye.

Several months later, in October 2010, Kamber says she got a text from Humphries. She considered getting back in touch with him, but decided to wait a bit first.

Three weeks after that, she remembered, I found out he started seeing Kim

Bianka Kamber deleted his number, and says she hasn't talked to him since. She also denied having prompted the split. On a recent trip to Toronto, Kim Kardashian allegedly tried to contact her, but she says she never met the reality star.

As for Kris Humphries, she feels sorry for him.

He's probably really devastated, she said about the breakup. He always said he wanted to get married, start a family and he wanted it to be forever.

That doesn't mean, however, that forever will ever be with Humphries and Kamber. He had the opportunity to get back together with me, she said, I've already moved on. He missed his chance. There's been too much damage done.