President Joe Biden is raising the minimum wage for federal firefighters to $15 an hour. The move comes at the start of wildfire season as the Pacific Northwest is experiencing a historic heatwave.

Biden met with cabinet leaders Wednesday to discuss the effects climate change is having on the region and how they can better prepare for the wildfires that will come of it. The meeting comes a week after Biden voiced outrage to federal firefighters previously only being paid $13 an hour.

A senior administration official said firefighters “must be fairly paid for the grueling and risky work they are willing to take on.”

There has been pressure on the Biden administration to raise the minimum wage. In late April, Biden signed an executive order to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for federal contractors and tipped employees working on government contracts.

Biden has long been a supporter of firefighters. In April 2019, the International Association of Fire Fighters endorsed him for president.

“These courageous women and men take an incredible risk of running toward the fire, and they deserve to be paid and paid good wages," Biden said Wednesday. "You know that old expression, 'God made man that he made a few firefighters.' Well, it's true."

Wildfires are raging over California, Oregon, Arizona, and Colorado with temperatures in some Northwestern Cities reaching 110 degrees. The National Weather Service has been issuing red flags for people in the area and encouraging residents to stay indoors. Drought conditions are expected to be worse than in 2020.

Biden said that climate change is the driving force behind droughts and extreme heat.

"We are seeing fires move with great intensity and speed which will last past the traditional months of fire season," Biden said.

The White House plans to hire more firefighters to combat serious fires. Permanent firefighters will be eligible for a 10% raise.

Biden also announced a $37 million grant to Sonoma County California to combat fires.