Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett rejected another challenge to President Biden's student loan forgiveness plan. The first Supreme Court challenge was also rejected by Justice Barrett on Oct 20.

Friday's case was the sixth lawsuit against the loan forgiveness plan by Republican-led states, with the other four lawsuits being handled by the lower-level courts, and its rejection did not come with an explanation on the Supreme Court docket.

The newest case was brought to the Supreme Court by the Pacific Legal Foundation, the Indiana-based legal group saying that the plan was not authorized by Congress and is an "abuse of presidential power", according to NBC News.

The policy's implementation was put on hold after an appeal to block the program was approved on Oct. 21.

The White House first announced the plan in August and has already approved 16 million of the 26 million applicants who applied for the loan relief plan that would cancel up to $20,000 of debt for eligible Americans.

The Education Department added the option to the opt out of the loan forgiveness program after the appeals court blocked its implementation.