Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is targeting key battleground states in a $15 million ad blitz this week. The Biden campaign will spend more on television and digital commercials in states such as Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina and Florida.

The Biden campaign plans to extend its media reach on news and sports channels and will run ads during the Major League Baseball opening games this week. Recent polls show Biden mostly ahead in these six states, as President Trump faces backlash due to his handling of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

One new Biden ad, “Truth,” emphasizes unity as the U.S. faces an unparalleled health crisis.

"Today we're facing a serious threat. We have to meet it as one country. Numbers don't lie. Infection rates are now going up in more states than they are going down. We've got to fight this together," Biden says in the ad. "Wear a mask. Keep your distance. Limit the size of crowds. It may be inconvenient. It may be uncomfortable. But it's the right thing to do as an American."

Trump’s reelection campaign spent more than $50 million on ads in June, while the Biden team spent about $37 million during that month. According to disclosures filed with the Federal Election Commission, both campaigns ended the month with about $110 million in the bank.

Trump’s ads have attacked Biden with false claims that he supports defunding the police, a topic discussed in a tense exchange with Fox News host Chris Wallace. “You won’t be safe in Biden’s America,” another ad from the Trump campaign exclaims.

Recent polling shows Biden beating Trump in the general election. A recent ABC News/Washington Post survey showed Biden at 54% support, with Trump at 44%.