The cast and crew of “The Big Bang Theory” dished out a big surprise by planning an elaborate flash mob that left series creator Chuck Lorre and the live audience aghast.

During an Oct. 16 filming of the hit CBS show, crew members of “The Big Bang Theory” began dancing to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” in a viral YouTube video that has garnered more than 2.75 million views since it was released Thursday.

The CBS network’s YouTube account published the video, with “The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco helping it go viral by using her Facebook fan page.

“Finally the moment has come ... All my dreams have come true ... Yes, my dream to have a live, full out, dance routine for the world to see, has finally happened ... I present to you... The Big Bang Theory flash mob! (This literally was the best night of my entire life) Enjoy!!,” Cuoco wrote, adding that her sister Bri helped choreograph the routine.

In the video, Lorre and others behind the camera look perplexed as crew members start dancing to “Call Me Maybe.” The cast of the hit show look similarly befuddled before joining their colleagues in the flash mob.

After the dance ended and the actors returned to their places on set, Jim Parsons’ character Sheldon Cooper yelled out his catchphrase “Bazinga!” to finish the prank.

The video has received an overwhelmingly positive response on YouTube, where the clip has garnered more than 34,500 likes and only 738 dislikes.

“That was_ awesome! BAZINGA!!! :D,” wrote YouTube user heryiscool6929.

YouTube user ILike2StalkYou lamented that Parsons did not participate in the flash mob, “but then he Bazinga’d, so it’s okay,” the user wrote.

“The Big Bang Theory” entered its sixth season this fall. The show has been a ratings hit for CBS. Thursday’s episode averaged 17.4 million viewers nationwide, according to the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel.