‘Big Bang Theory’
Will Raj (Kunal Nayyar) survive living with Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) in “Big Bang Theory” Season 10, episode 19? CBS

“Big Bang Theory” Season 10, episode 19 will see Raj (Kunal Nayyar) changing Penny’s (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard’s (Johnny Galecki) living arrangements.

In “The Collaboration Fluctuation,” Raj has finally settled into Penny and Leonard’s apartment, and he seems to be having a blast. TV Guide released exclusive photos from the episode that show Penny teaching Raj how to practice Yoga. The publication noted that there will be one joke about Raj not knowing anything about yoga when he is Indian.

Another photo shows Leonard giving Raj’s dog back to him. In the episode, Raj will ask Leonard to walk his dog while he is busy exercising with Penny. Leonard has an upset look on his face, and it seems he is not really happy with his new task. Previously, Penny and Leonard agreed to take Raj in because Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) old room is unoccupied. Additionally, Raj could no longer afford to pay his own apartment after his dad cut him off.

However, Penny seems to be enjoying her time with Raj. In the teaser released by CBS for episode 19, the two characters sit on the sofa with a face mask on. By the looks of it, Leonard will become jealous of Penny and Raj’s closeness.

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Elsewhere, Sheldon will take interest in Amy’s (Mayim Bialik) work, and the latter will not be very pleased with this. Sheldon is known for always taking credit so Amy is worried that he will do the same in her line of work. Additionally, Sheldon and Amy keep disagreeing on a lot of things. At one point in the clip, Sheldon asks Amy to stop breathing too close to his ears. Amy fires back by asking Sheldon to stop talking using his face.

“Big Bang Theory” Season 10, episode 19 will air on CBS on March 30 at 8 p.m. EST.