“The Big Bang Theory” will be returning Sept. 26, and the producers and cast members took some time at Comic-Con to dish about their upcoming seventh season. Will Sheldon and Amy finally have sex? Could a baby be on the way for one couple? The answers might surprise you!

How Will The Show Start Back Up?

Although shooting has yet to begin, Executive Producer Steve Molaro dished to TVLine.com that when “Big Bang Theory” returns to the air it won’t have that big of a time jump. “Roughly real time,” he explained. “Three or four months have gone by, and we will see Leonard on the boat where they are doing Stephen Hawking’s experiments.”

Does A Couple Have A Baby On The Way?

“Big Bang Theory” fans are used to baby rumors on the show, but for the time being the executive producers have no plans on adding a baby to the mix. When asked by TVLine’s Michael Ausiello about a Howard/Bernadette baby in season seven, Molaro laughed, saying, “I don’t know why you’re hearing that, because it’s not happening.”

“I don’t think they can have a baby until Howard stops being a baby,” Executive Producer Bill Prady added. “She’s already raising one child basically.”

Will Sheldon And Amy Have Sex?

The short answer to this question: Steve Molaro doesn’t know. During the Comic-Con panel, Prady dished that after the season six "Dungeons & Dragons" storyline, Amy will “continue trying to get her way.”

“The cool thing about that relationship is how slow it moves and how fast it seems to Sheldon,” Bill Prady explained to TVLine.

What Will Happen With Raj?

The producers teased that Raj’s breakthrough with women will stick, but “just because he can speak to women without alcohol now doesn’t mean he’s good at it.”

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