“Big Brother” Season 21 recently saw one houseguest receiving the first special power in the game.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from episodes of “Big Brother” Season 21. Read at your own risk!

Following Sunday’s episode, Christie decided to put up Kathryn and Cliff as her two nominees. Cliff is just up on the block as a pawn, while Kathryn is Christie’s real target.

But in the upcoming episode, the two nominees, the Head of Household (HOH), and few other houseguests picked on random will compete in the first Power of Veto (POV) competition of the season.

Spoilers from the upcoming episode have been leaked, and it has been revealed that Sam will win the POV. Since he is not nominated, and Sam is not also part of the alliances in the house, he decided to use his POV on Cliff.

Now that Cliff is off the block, Christie had to choose another houseguest to pit against Kathryn. Initially, Christie and her alliance members had no plans for targeting Ovi. In fact, they even tried to appease his paranoia by creating a side alliance with him.

But since Ovi heard that there’s an 8-member alliance in the house, and Christie is part of the group, she decided to put him up on the block. Now, there’s a huge catch in the game.

Prior to this week’s POV competition, Ovi won the first secret power in “Big Brother” Season 21. After participating in the first Whacktivity competition, Ovi received the Nightmare Power.

The power will give Ovi the opportunity to remove the two houseguests who are up on the block and ask the current HOH to name two nominees on the spot. The houseguests will not know who has the power unless Ovi tells them.

However, the power may only be used during the first six nominations of the season. And it should be used before the POV competition begins. Since Ovi wasn’t nominated originally, he didn’t feel the need to use his power.

But if he gets evicted this week, his Nightmare Power would go to waste.

“Big Brother” Season 21 will return to CBS on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST.

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Will Ovi be evicted from "Big Brother" Season 21 despite having the Nightmare Power? Big Brother/CBS