“Big Brother” has been on the air for 21 seasons so it is not a surprise if some aspects of the show change after a couple of years.

Throughout the past couple of seasons, the houseguests are forced to eat the so-called slop if they become a “have not.” But in Season 20, the slop was not introduced, and it wasn’t also a part of “Celebrity Big Brother” Season 2.

As of late, slop has been served in “Big Brother” Season 21. But fans of the hit CBS reality TV show are demanding for it to return. On Twitter, one “Big Brother” fan said that the houseguests deserve to eat the slop just like what happened to the previous contestants.

However, it is possible that slop won’t be introduced this season on “Big Brother” because there are no have-nots this summer. Rather, the show introduced the Camp Comeback twist wherein the first four houseguests that will be evicted will get to return to the game for a chance at bringing home $500,000.

The members of Camp Comeback live in a very small space inside the house, and they also don’t have beds and supplies. As such, Camp Comeback is pretty much like a have-not room minus the slop.

But when there is slop, producers require that have nots actually eat them. This rule is enforced strictly on the show.

“Have-Nots are monitored closely and are allowed to consume only slop and condiments along with any pre-determined additional food items. Failure to comply could result in a penalty in the game,” a “Big Brother” producer said.

Even though slop is one of the most dreaded foods inside the “Big Brother” house, it seems that it’s not as bad as it looks. The slop is actually just a mix of oats and water.

Unflavored ingredients such as whey protein isolate, soy protein, vitamin, and mineral powder may also be added.

Some pre-approved condiments include balsamic vinegar, olive oil, red wine vinegar, rice vinegar, vegetable oil, hot sauce, ketchup, and more.

Former "Big Brother" contestant Rebekah Shelton died Wednesday night. CBS