Julie Chen
Julie Chen was surprised to see Alex Willett go last week in “Big Brother Over The Top.” CBS

“Big Brother Over The Top” will kick off with a live online episode on Wednesday, Sept. 28.

According to Big Brother Network, the entry of the 13 houseguests isn’t the only thing that will happen live on the fall edition counterpart of “Big Brother.” Instead, the houseguests' nap time, fights, games and challenges and visits to the Diary Room will all be shown live as well. Executive producer Allison Grodner said, “This all will roll out live! They’ve be moving on Wednesday night live! This will be how the show will be. You will see it all.”

Meehan explained why they decided to give the audience the power to name the winner, as well as why the episodes will be shown live. “The thing that we wanted to make sure is that if you’re watching the feeds, there’s still opportunities for you to get inside people’s heads to know exactly what they’re thinking, who they’re really being loyal to, who they’re playing. We want to give the houseguests the opportunity to tell viewers what’s exactly going on,” he said.

Meanwhile, Grodner and her co-executive producer Rich Meehan also revealed which parts of the regular TV show will not be featured in the online version of “Big Brother.” According to them, the famous robot Zingbot will not make an appearance to poke fun at the houseguests. The winner of “Big Brother Over The Top” will also be ultimately decided on by the viewers and not the members of the jury, according to Yahoo TV.

As of late, 12 of the houseguests have already been named by CBS. Siblings Alex and Morgan Willett will be playing as individual houseguests. Michael “Cornbread” Ligon has already been dubbed as the “life of the party.” He will be joined by Monte Massongill, 25, Danielle Lickey, 23, Neeley Jackson, 31, and more.

“Big Brother Over The Top” will premiere on CBS All Access on Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 10 p.m. ET.