Nicole Franzel
Nicole Franzel is the winner of “Big Brother” Season 18. CBS

Warning: Don’t read if you do not want to know what happened after Thursday night’s eviction episode.

“Big Brother” Season 18 has just named this week’s Head of Household (HOH), and one of the first five jurors has returned to the game.

After Victor was evicted from the Big Brother house, the remaining houseguests felt that there will be another shocking announcement this week. True enough, host Julie Chen told them that all five jurors will participate in the Jury Battle Back competition for a chance at winning $500,000. According to Chen, the last man standing will also be in the running to become the new HOH.

According to Buddy TV, Da’Vonne and Zakiyah were the first two jurors to be eliminated from the game. Among the remaining houseguests, Corey was the first one to fall off the thin piece of wood. A few minutes later, Bridgette also fell, leaving Victor and Paulie as the only two houseguests who can possibly return to the competition.

In the end, Paulie also fell so Victor, who was just evicted from the house a few hours prior, returned to the competition. Victor was also the one who won in the Battle Back competition several weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Nicole and James were the last two houseguests to participate in the game. James decided to make a deal with Nicole so he could throw the game for her. Nicole agreed not to put James or Natalie up for eviction if she becomes this week’s HOH. James said yes, and Nicole was declared as this week’s HOH.

By the looks of it, Nicole will put Michelle and Victor up for eviction instead of Paul, even though she thinks the latter is a threat. Nicole believes that Paul could help her and Corey go all the way to the finals, according to Big Brother Network.

In other news, Corey, Victor and Paul are the only three houseguests who have not received a package from America. On Sunday night, one of them will be awarded the BB Bribe package that will give them the opportunity to bribe another houseguest to do something on their behalf. In return, the houseguest will receive $5,000, according to CBS.

“Big Brother” Season 18 airs Sundays, Wednesdays at Thursdays on CBS.