‘Big Brother’
Ramses Soto, a self-confessed super fan, was one of the first houseguests to be evicted from “Big Brother” Season 19. CBS

“Big Brother” Season 19 recently revealed that Ramses Soto is the one who has been cursed!

After Paul Abrahamian accepted this week’s “Den of Temptation,” which is the “Ring of Protection,” the vet put the remaining houseguests at risk of being cursed. On Wednesday night, it was finally revealed that Ramses’ curse involves him being nominated for eviction for the next three ceremonies. As of late, Ramses hasn’t made a move yet on whether or not he will tell the houseguests that he received the curse since he still needs to come up with a strategic plan.

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Before this week ends, another houseguest who will be tempted with the “Ring of Replacement.” This temptation will give the houseguest the power to play in any Veto competition he or she wants to be a part of. If they are not called to play in the game, they could switch places with one of the houseguests. However, the “Ring of Replacement” can only be used once in the competition.

Next week, Ramses’ curse and the “Ring of Replacement” could change the course of the game in the “Big Brother” Season 19 house. If Ramses chooses to tell the underdogs that he got the curse, they could help keep him in the game despite being nominated for three weeks straight. However, Paul’s decision to accept the temptation was the one that gave Ramses the curse. This could mean that Ramses won’t be open to working with him.

Meanwhile, another houseguest will be sent out the door this week. After Cody Nickson nominated Paul as Alex Ow’s replacement, the Season 18 contestant had to reveal that he was the one who received the “Ring of Protection.” Since Paul cannot be nominated for three weeks, Cody was forced to put Christmas Abbott up for eviction.

Christmas was very upset with Cody’s game move and felt blindsided by it. Since she is already working with Paul, and Cody has been targeting the latter since day one, the two houseguests will most likely join forces in the game. Unfortunately, Christmas is also a competition beast, and Cody’s alliance members might vote to keep her out of the game instead of Jillian Parker.

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