‘Big Brother’
Raven Walton thinks that she played a good game by throwing competitions at Paul in “Big Brother” Season 19. CBS

“Big Brother” Season 19 could see the houseguests gunning to take Raven Walton out next week.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from episodes of CBS “Big Brother” Season 19 that have not yet aired. Read at your own risk!

Now that there are only 10 houseguests left and Mark Jansen is guaranteed to go home on Thursday night, the contestants are starting to come up with plans on who to nominate next. Kevin Schlehuber has been questioning Raven and her previous revelation that she has an illness. The stay-at-home dad noted that if Raven is as ill as she claims to be, how come she looks perfectly healthy, according to Big Brother Network.

Raven also told the houseguests before that she cannot eat red meat, but they have seen her eating beef jerky every now and then. When Kevin shared his thoughts to the other houseguests, they told him that they have also been thinking the same thing. However, Jason Dent pointed out that the houseguests are scared to use Raven’s illness against her.

During one of her revelations inside the Diary Room, Raven told America that she has a serious illness called gastroparesis. According to her Go Fund Me page, Raven was diagnosed with the chronic illness at the age of 16. She currently has a pacemaker on the left side of her stomach to help treat her condition. Gastroparesis means paralyzed stomach and may cause side effects such as malnutrition, nausea and vomiting, according to the NIH.

Meanwhile, Christmas Abbott has also been wondering if Kevin is actually an undercover cop just like Derrick Levasseur. This week’s Head of Household (HOH) pointed out the fact that Kevin gets up every night while everyone is asleep and no one has any idea what he does. Kevin also greeted Derrick when he visited them, and Alex Ow thought that they know each other from work.

Kevin later on said that he met Derrick in person a couple of months ago. He was also expressed his excitement over seeing someone from his hometown because it made him feel right at home. But Christmas and Alex’s suspicions are incorrect because Kevin is really a stay-at-home dad.

“Big Brother” Season 19 will return to CBS on Thursday at 8 p.m. EDT.