“Big Brother” kicked off its twentieth season on Wednesday night and despite showing three competitions, none of the BB20 houseguests have yet to be named HOH. That is expected to change come Thursday’s installment, which is part of CBS’ two-night premiere.

While it has yet to be confirmed by the network or by live feed viewers (as the feeds have yet to begin), the spoiler site Big Brother Network may have some insight into which 2018 star was named the first Head of Household, as well as which two contestants could be the first on the chopping block.

In episode 1, Swaggy C faced off with Angela in an effort to win the power to keep eight houseguests safe from week 1 eviction. Big Brother Network reports those who were not kept safe by Swaggy C will be eligible to compete in the first HOH competition.

Angela, Tyler, Steve, Sam, JC, Kaitlyn, Bayleigh, and Winston are among those expected to compete for the HOH honor with “two of the other seven” headed for the Block.

So, who will win the ultimate power in the first week? A leak from Reddit user and past correct leaker “vegasforsure” states Tyler will be the first HOH of the summer.

The leaker also claims to know who Tyler nominated for eviction, naming Sam and Steve as his choices. Big Brother Network states Tyler reportedly chose the two players based on them being “first-outs in the comp.”

Viewers will remember that Sam came in last place in one of episode 1’s competition, resulting in her getting the punishment of having to operate part-time as a robot. Steve, on the other hand, may have rubbed Tyler the wrong way as the player called out of the secret, former uncover cop in an episode 1 confessional.

big brother season 20 spoilers "Big Brother" Season 20 star Tyler (center) is rumored to have nominated Sam and Steve for eviction. Photo: CBS

Will Tyler win HOH? Find out tonight when “Big Brother” Season 20 airs episode 2 at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.