“Celebrity Big Brother” winner Marissa Jaret Winokur recently opened up about her three-week stay in the house.

During an interview with BuzzFeed News’ “AM to DM,” the “Hairspray” star said that she wants to return to house and compete again. After exiting the hit CBS reality TV show last month, Winokur said that she no longer wants to compete in “Big Brother” because it was so tough.

“And now, a week out, I’m like wait! I just want to go back to the house. It was so much easier,” she said.

Winokur also said that she had a blast inside the house because they were given more than enough food to eat. She also didn’t stress out over the nominations because she was never nominated. The Tony award recipient was only put up on the block during the final week of “Celebrity Big Brother.”

During her interview, Winokur also dished on what it was like living with Omarosa Manigault for three weeks. The former White House staffer made headlines days after day for sharing some secrets about President Donald Trump, as well as the other White House staff.

“One on one, just in a normal conversation, Omarosa is lovely. She said we’re not okay, which made us all feel very uncomfortable. She was like reality TV 101: if someone tells you to leave a room, that’s the room you need to be in,” she said.

According to the Broadway star, Omarosa was so good at being a reality TV star that she would get into her stern persona while inside house. A few minutes later, she would tell everyone that she’s acting for the cameras. However, none of those moments were shown in the previous episodes of “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Towards the end of her interview, Winokur stood by her decision to take Ross Mathews to the final two. She said she would have voted for Mathews if she didn’t make it to the final two.

Last month, the actress told US Weekly a similar thing. “I had to choose Ross. Listen, my whole game was about trying to stay as true and honest to everybody as I possibly could so the idea of not choosing him was not an option,” she said.