Bill Rancic has become a house hold name after winning the first season of Donald Trump’s ‘The Apprentice’. From there he was able to parlay that success to make what he describes as a ‘hybrid’ career that bridges the gap between business and entertainment.

Rancic has now teamed up with Intuit QuickBooks to give a small business the same chance Donald Trump gave him some 10 years ago: ‘Small Business Big Game’, sponsored by Intuit Quickbooks, is a contest that gives a small business with 50 employees or less a chance to have their commercial played at the Super Bowl.

The contest is down to the final four and Rancic claims that, regardless of who wins, each business now has a national platform and is being talked about.

In addition to the contest we sat down with Rancic to discuss his career thus far and advice he would give others hoping for a career as an entrepreneur. When asked which career has been more fulfilling between the business and entertainment Rancic exclaimed that he was lucky to be a ‘hybrid’ between the two.

IBTimesTV then asked how he would feel about his son entering the entertainment industry; Bill said he would want his son to follow his own path. He would however offer him the same advice his father gave him which is to “get your degree then you have the insurance”.