Bindi Irwin’s grandfather Bob Irwin will skip her wedding to Chandler Powell in the wake of rumors claiming that the bride and groom are planning to get pregnant before tying the knot.

According to New Idea, the father of the late Steve Irwin reopened old wounds when he was asked if he is going to attend Bindi and Chandler’s upcoming nuptials. The 80-year-old conservationist made it clear that he has not moved on from their long-running family feud.

“I want nothing to do with any of it,” Bob said during an interview at his 259-hectare property at Wattle Camp. He refused to extend his well-wishes to the bride-to-be because for him, Bindi remains to be his estranged granddaughter.

“I’m not the slightest bit interested in it. I am not interested, not the slightest bit. I have had years and years of this stuff,” he added. When he was then asked if he is willing to congratulate the “Dancing With the Stars” Season 21 winner on her recent engagement, he only said, “My thoughts have nothing to do with any of it.”

Bindi’s mom Terri has reportedly learned of Bob’s statement, and she’s quite disappointed to hear that Steve’s father couldn’t be happy for Bindi like the rest of the family. She also assured that regardless of Bob’s opinion, her daughter would still have a great wedding.

It wasn’t clear when exactly the family feud started, but Bob has voiced in the past that he was not pleased with how the Australia Zoo was becoming too commercialized ever since his son passed away in 2006. He founded the zoo more than four decades ago but decided to resign and distance from it in 2008.

In late 2015, Bob disclosed to the Herald Sun that he was no longer on speaking terms with his family. He told the publication that it’s “sad” that they no longer communicate but “it’s just the way things are.”

Bob’s latest statement came days after it was reported that Bindi, 21, and Chandler, 22, can no longer wait to have a child, so they are already trying to get pregnant way ahead of their wedding.