Apple's AirPods now have a black variant that goes well with the black iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. BlackPods

Last September, Apple introduced its advanced wireless headphones, called AirPods, alongside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus smartphones. From the get-go, the headphones were available only in shiny white color. This week though, a black version of the wireless device is already up for grabs. However, since Apple is not the creator of this type of AirPods, users can only purchase them from one store: BlackPods.

BlackPods is a new company that sent out emails to tech journalists this week, informing the latter about what it does. As if the company name isn’t already a giveaway, BlackPods specializes in turning white AirPods into black AirPods. BlackPods says it has a proprietary coating system that flawlessly transforms the AirPods into “BlackPods.”

“We’ve developed a proprietary coating system specifically for Apple’s AirPods,” the company says on its official website. “Our three-phase approach yields a luxurious scratch-resistant finish … Every pair of customized AirPods we produce is hand-finished by a team of skilled artisans in Brooklyn, NY.”

BlackPods believes that having black AirPods would be the perfect complement to the Black, Jet Black and even Space Gray iPhones. Also, the company may have noticed the absence of a black variant and the need to have one that’s why it came up with this business venture.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus do not have the standard headphone jack. At their launch event, the absence of the jack was met with heavy criticisms. Still, many have moved on from the loss of the universal audio port by purchasing Apple’s Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones that cost $159. Despite the delay in the device’s release, the AirPods were received well by Apple fans and critics even gave the wireless headphones mostly positive reviews.

Nevertheless, Cult of Mac points out that the shiny white color of the AirPods is a bit off-putting for users who want to have something that matches the color of their iPhones. Therefore, BlackPods’ existence brings music to the ears of these users.

There are two ways to obtain BlackPods. The first one is by simply having your AirPods painted by the company for a fee of $99. The second option is to just directly buy the black AirPods from BlackPods for $249, which saves you $9. Check out BlackPods’ online store to pre-order.