• A demon named Burumede appears
  • Morris shows his devil's mark
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 279 is releasing Sunday

The mission to rescue Captain Yami and William Vangeance is getting intense as "Black Clover" Chapter 279 showcases the arrival of two devils.

The latest spoilers and leaks suggest Nacht will be unleashing a new form. The form activated by Nacht is called Union Mode: Felis. Redditor KamikazeMender shared the spoilers for "Black Clover" Chapter 279. The chapter is reportedly titled "Gateway to Hell."

In the upcoming chapter, Morris, who has a devil's mark, activates the Qliphoth Tree. Meanwhile, Rades, Sekke, Sally and Maxa are with Ralph.

The gates of the underworld finally open and two devils emerge. In the chapter, fans will learn more about Morris and his blindness. It is revealed Morris cannot see but he has other powers.

In the previous chapter, Jack uses the Lunatic Slash to attack Dante. He manages to cut Dante's body several times. However, Morris' sorcery has improved Dante's regenerative capabilities and he is able to heal himself faster.

Dante announces only anti-magic can cause harm to his body. Nacht notes they have to gamble on Jack's magic, which can cut things that can't be cut.

Dante initiates the Presence of the Demon King magic spell, making Nacht wonder if Jack can attack from inside of the spell.  

Nacht calls for Slotos and starts Devil Union Mode: Equus. Dante is surprised to see another devil host beside Asta. Meanwhile, Nacht ridicules Jack for being weak in front of Dante. He wants Jack to fight using his skills. Jack is visibly annoyed with Nacht.

Dante, who is witnessing the argument, tells Nacht to focus on the fight. The Dark Triad member throws a punch at Nacht.

Dante focuses on Jack but finds him a boring captain. Jack gets into flashback mode and remembers his upbringing. He remembers his dad taught him to never mess with things that are stronger than him.

Jack also recalls the day he learns about his father's death. He confronts the lord of the mountain and blames him for the tragedy. After successfully beating the lord, Jack decides to become a Magic Knight.

Back to the present, Nacht notes Jack is manipulating the blades on the surface of his body. He observes Jack's attempt to sharpen the blades before the final slash attack on Dante.

Fans can read "Black Clover" Chapter 279 online on Manga Plus and Viz. The new chapter is coming out this Sunday. 

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