• Lilith and Naamah are ready to take down Nacht
  • Asta appears to fight the devils
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 288 is releasing Sunday

Asta arrives just in time to save his mentor and the vice-captain of the Black Bulls from the twin devils. The leaks and spoilers for "Black Clover" Chapter 288 are expected to come out this Thursday.

The cliffhanger moment from the previous chapter suggests Asta will go up against the high-ranking devils, named Lilith and Naamah, in "Black Clover" Chapter 288.

In the previous chapter, Nacht says he doesn't care if he dies. However, he is the one monitoring the situation and giving orders, and he has to live until their victory is assured.

Unfortunately, the devils are holding a stronger position and Nacht needs to something about them. He knows the devils he contracted with are only of mid-level and do not stand a chance against Lilith and Naamah.

The chapter goes into flashback mode and young Nacht and Yami Sukehiro are shown next to Morgen's grave. Yami announces if he makes a team in the future, he will become the captain and make Nacht its vice-captain.

The flashback scene ends and Nacht says to himself that no matter how he pays for his sins, he can never forgive himself for his ill deeds.

He knows he cannot and should not be like his brother, Morgen. Nacht vows to destroy evil with evil from the shadows.

Nacht summons Plumede and Walgner and asks for their help. After summoning the devils, Nacht unleashes Devil Union: Mode — Gallus X Felis. Both Lilith and Naamah are surprised to see Nacht's magic grow.

Nacht notes that for a brief moment, he can boost the power of a spell to the class of a major devil. He launches Shadow Magic: Monument of Atonement and declares that by giving up his life, he will lock the high-ranking devils inside a world of shadows.

He taunts Lilith and Naamah to come and play a hellish game of tag with him.

To Nacht's horror, the twin devils manage to break his spell. Lilith and Naamah use their Devil Ice Magic and Devil Flame Magic to freeze and burn everything, including Nacht's ultimate spell.

Lilith and Naamah prepare to end Nacht for good and the final panel of the chapter shows Asta's arrival.

"Black Clover" Chapter 288 is scheduled to release Sunday.

Asta from Black Clover
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