• Asta’s new blade strikes hard
  • Lilith and Naamah are shocked after the attack
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 289 is releasing this Sunday

Asta’s third deadly blade, named the Demon-Destroyer Sword, proves to be game-changing against the high-ranking devils – Lillith and Naamah. The leaks and spoilers "Black Clover" Chapter 289 are expected to come out Thursday.

Toward the end of Chapter 288, Asta gains the upper hand in the battle against the devils. In "Black Clover" Chapter 289, the battle is likely to take a decisive turn as Asta’s anti-magic power takes control.

In the previous chapter, Finral notes Asta went up ahead on his own inside the Spade Kingdom castle to rescue Nacht from the devils.

Meanwhile, inside the castle, Gimodelo tells Nacht they are counting on him and if he dies, the high-ranking devils will not spare them. Nacht sees Asta and announces he is late. The vice-captain of Black Bull tells his disciple Asta that he must hurry and go after the Dark Triad.

Nacht feels his existence doesn’t matter now and everything depends on Asta’s spirit. However, Asta reminds Nacht how he played a key role in making him a stronger fighter. Asta declares Nacht must live and witness the strength.

Suddenly, Asta remembers it is a minute already and he can only maintain his Devil Union form for five minutes.

The scene changes to Lilith and Naamah getting excited as nothing this entertaining ever happened in the underworld. Asta states he never imagined he would face Lilith and Naamah. Soon, the battle begins as Asta charges at the devils with his sword.

Asta continues to swing his blade and Nacht observes the physical bodies of the devils disappear.

The devils taunt Asta for failing to land a strike. They also compete with each other and wonder who will kill Asta first.

Later, Asta unleashes his third sword called the Demon-Destroyer. Lilith and Naamah are shocked to see the opponent’s new weapon. And before they can defend themselves, Asta strikes and cuts right through one of the devils. Can Lilith and Naamah regenerate and fight back against Asta?

"Black Clover" Chapter 289 is scheduled to release Sunday. The chapter will be available on Viz and Manga Plus.

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