• Asta and Nacht reunite after their victory against the devils
  • Asta is pumped after beating Lilith and Naamah
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 291 is set to release Sunday

Asta, the Black Bull’s superstar, manages to save his mentor Nacht Faust from the high-ranking devils. The leaks and scans for "Black Clover" Chapter 291 are expected to be out Thursday.

The upcoming chapter is likely going to focus on Asta’s next mission as Captain Yami and Willian Vangeance still need rescuing from the Dark Triad. After defeating the fusion devils – Lilith and Naamah, it will be interesting to see Nacht’s reaction.

The previous chapter starts with the freezing sun reflecting back at the fused devils and they have no choice but to merge with it. Asta observes he only has two minutes left before the Devil Union deactivates.

He unleashes his Demon-Dweller sword and slices through the massive ball of magic. Asta manages to enter the freezing sun and is immediately surrounded by dark magic.

He whips out the Demon-Destroyer sword to dispel the magic attacks. Meanwhile, Lilith and Naamah are shocked to see Asta and his new form. The chapter goes into a flashback as Liebe (Asta’s devil) reveals he was the weakest devil in the first level of the Underworld.

Liebe notes he could never have been a match against such high-ranking devils. He thanks Asta for giving him an opportunity to take on the supreme devils.

Lilith and Naamah’s magic doesn’t seem to harm Asta. The devils are cornered and unable to counter Asta’s relentless attacks. Moreover, they cannot understand the emotion of losing a battle.

Asta tells them they never needed to learn as no one was a threat to them. He adds they cannot understand but the feeling is called fear.

Meanwhile, something changes in his form and the fusion devils recall Asta about maintaining the Devil Union form for five minutes. They note Asta is running out of time and if they can stay away until then, they have a chance against him.

As the devils challenge Asta, Nacht pitches in and paralyzes the devils. Now, Asta has a clear shot and he strikes the devils with everything he's got. The chapter concludes with Asta beating the high-ranking devils.

"Black Clover" Chapter 291 is scheduled to hit the stands Sunday. The digital version of the manga chapter will be available on Viz and Manga Plus.

Asta from Black Clover
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