• Noelle's final attack might end Megicula
  • Nozel reunites with his sister
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 304 is scheduled for release Sunday

Nozel and Noelle Silva reunite and the former has realized his mistake. Now, with the help of Nozel, Noelle lands the final blow. The leaks, spoilers and raw scans for "Black Clover" Chapter 304 are expected to arrive Thursday.

"Black Clover" Chapter 304 will likely showcase the aftermath of the battle against Megicula. The final panel of Chapter 303 show Nozel and Noelle giving a teary farewell to Acier's spirit that passes away after Noelle blasted Megicula.

The previous chapter opened with flashback scenes after Acier was cursed. Due to the curse, Acier got quite sick. The members of the Silva family believed that Acier's condition was due to the recent birth.

Nozel recalled how he was hit with a secondary effect after the curse-warding spell was cast on Acier. According to the curse, Nozel was prohibited from telling anyone that Megicula was responsible for Acier's death.

If he shared it with anyone, that person will be struck with the same curse and it will spread like a viral disease. Young Nozel noted he had no choice but to save his mother and find a way to break the curse.

He also vowed to get stronger for his mother and siblings. Sadly, within a year, Acier died as Nozel helplessly watched her suffer during her final days.

Nozel renewed his vow to get stronger and protect his siblings. He knew Nebra and Solid were getting stronger but they would be no match to an opponent like Megicula.

Also, he believed Noelle wasn't strong enough to survive. So he pushed Noelle away from him.

The chapter returned to the present. Asta, Rill, Gaja, Luck, Undine and Charlotte were shocked to see Nozel arriving to help the fight against the devil.

Megicula ridiculed Noelle and Nozel's touching reunion. She said as devils, they don't possess any emotions. Nozel remembered how his mother told him he has the strength of steel and the flexibility of water.

Nozel attacked Megicula and was confident she won't be able to block his attack. Later, Nozel made an opening for Noelle and she launched a fierce attack on Megicula.

"Black Clover" Chapter 304 is scheduled for release this Sunday. Fans can read the digital copy of the chapter on Manga Plus and Viz.

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