• Asta is moving alone toward Lucifero
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 322 is coming out Sunday
  • The chapter will be available on Manga Plus and Viz

Asta is on the verge of collapsing any minute, but he still rises and starts to advance toward Lucifero, who is fighting against Yuno and Mereoleona in "Black Clover" Chapter 322. The new chapter is reportedly titled "The Vice-Captain of the Black Bulls."

A Reddit user named KamikazeMender has shared the leaks and spoilers for "Black Clover" Chapter 322. Nacht appears with his Equus form and he holds Asta, stopping him from advancing alone.

Elsewhere, Lucifero is battling against Mereoleona and Yuno. Despite their wholehearted efforts, the duo has remained ineffective against the demon. "Black Clover" Chapter 322 reveals the name of the second gate devil – Adramelech.

Lucifero is annoyed because he has to deal with Yuno and Mereoleona alone. The devil orders Adramelech to handle everyone while he kills Asta. However, Adramelech chooses to ignore his orders and tells him he wants to watch him fight instead.

In "Black Clover" Chapter 322, Mereoleona's body is unable to continue taking blows from the devil and her body starts turning itself into mana. Nacht uses the Union Mode, along with Canis and Equus form to trap Lucifero. Asta appears from behind for another attack.

Lucifero manages to break free and Nacht has reached his limit, which means he can no longer use the Union Mode.

Nacht says to himself that he is coming to apologize to Morgen. Before Lucifero can kill Nacht, Yami Sukehiro comes to his rescue.

In the previous "Black Clover" manga chapter, Sekke, who was fearing for his life, wondered why everyone was still battling against the King of Devils despite knowing that he defeated the Magic Knight captains.

Lucifero commanded Yuno to hand over Asta to him but Yuno refused and teleported others to a safer place. In his Spirit Dive mode, Yuno arrived and hit Lucifero with Spirit of Zephyr.

However, Yuno's blade failed to cut through the devil. Meanwhile, Mereoleona punched the devil and the latter noticed that her magic power had been increasing.

"Black Clover" Chapter 322 is releasing Sunday. Fans can read the chapter online on Viz and Manga Plus.

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