• Asta and the other Magic Knights battle Dante Zogratis
  • The episode shows Vanica Zogratis’ invasion of the Heart Kingdom
  • "Black Clover" Episode 162 is airing Tuesday

Asta prepares to head back to the hideout of the Black Bull. He is slated to be attacked by one of the dark Triad members in "Black Clover" Episode 162.

The synopsis for the new episode titled "The Great War Breaks Out," reveals Dante Zogratis’ arrival and his attack on Asta.

Meanwhile, Asta and his comrades retaliate but they cannot match Dante’s abilities. Dante is a Devil Host which makes him extremely powerful against Asta and the others from the Clover Kingdom.

Elsewhere, the Heart Kingdom is invaded by Vanica Zogratis, who possesses Megicula.

“While spending time in the Heart Kingdom, Asta decides to return to the hideout of the Black Bull. Suddenly, one of the three Dark Triads, Dante Zogratis, appears and attacks.”

"Asta and his friends fight back but they struggle against Dante, who is also a Devil Host but has more power than Asta. Additionally, Dark Triad's Vanica Zogratis, who possesses the demon Megicula, invades the Heart Kingdom,” the summary read, as tweeted by BCspoiler.

In a flashback moment, Yuno recalls the memories with Golden Dawn members. He remembers their compassion toward him. Yuno arrives at the Golden Dawn headquarter to witness Gaderois Godroc wreaking havoc.

Gaderois, who is one of Zenon’s subordinates, tells Yuno about how they murdered half of the Golden Dawn squad. Yuno is furious and instantly attacks the enemy using Spirit Storm.

During the battle, Gaderois reveals the Dark Triad has arrived for the Stage Zero mage while he is there to use his magic. The battle between Yuno and Gaderois continues.

In the meantime, Klaus and other Magic Knights are facing Foyal Migusteau. Klaus launches Blazing Spiral Lance against Foyal. However, he ends up attacking Foyal’s clone. The evil mage uses condensed water bullets to beat the Magic Knights. Later, in the episode, Yuno fights Zenon and toward the end of the episode, William Vangeance’s World Tree Magic saves the day for the remaining Magic Knights.

Yuno is upset and wonders if only he was stronger against Zenon.

Fans can watch "Black Clover" Episode 162 on Crunchyroll. The episode will live stream in Japanese with English subtitles. Episode 162 will air Tuesday.

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