BlackBerry maker Research in Motion will give the Indian government access to encrypted data from September 1, while the Indian home ministry wants BlackBerry, Google and Skype to set up servers in India, a government source familiar with the matter said Monday.

India says it wants to fully track and read BlackBerry's secure email and instant messaging services that officials fear could be misused by militants.

Indian officials have also expressed concerns over security threats emerging from Internet-based messaging services from providers like Google and Skype.

They have given some access, which we will operationalize from September 1, the person said, referring to RIM.

They will have to provide full access to all communications that go through India. They will have to set up a server in India, the person said.

(Reporting by Bappa Majumdar and Devidutta Tripathy; Editing by Surojit Gupta and Jui Chakravorty)