Anticipation for “The Blacklist” is building, and NBC wants you to know that Red is back! The network has released three new promos focusing on the sarcastically sinister antihero for the hit show’s second season, which will return to the air on Sept. 22.

The first promo, called “Pay Attention to Red,” reminds audiences who Red is -- an evil genius and former agent who is now mysteriously helping the police track down bad guys after turning himself in last season. The police don’t like him and they don’t trust him, but right now they need him.

The second promo teases audiences about what Red is capable of. In “Stay Off His List,” Red casually jokes about the dinner menu while shooting a man and forcing his screaming wife into the closet. Red will do what it takes to get what he wants and is not above some mocking showmanship while he does it.

The final promo addresses the big cliffhanger question from Season 1: Is Red Liz’s father? Supposedly her father died in a fire and last season’s revelation of burn scars on Red’s back has fans dying to know. The series began with Red refusing to speak to anyone else and showing an uncharacteristic amount of compassion for her throughout Season 1. Could the next season provide the answers?

Season 3 ended with Berlin escaping and Tom telling Liz her father is still alive. Red assures her that is not the case, but those burn marks have us all wondering if that is the truth. The second Season of “The Blacklist” premieres Sept. 22 on NBC.

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