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According to Hollywood Life, Gwen Stefani gave Blake Shelton a lap dance when the lights were dimmed during "The Voice" finale. Getty Images/Kevin Winter/iHeartMedia

Gwen Stefani gave Blake Shelton a steamy lap dance while the lights were low during “The Voice” finale Tuesday, Hollywood Life reported. The news comes amid reports that things are heating up between the two despite “The Voice” Season 9 ending.

“Gwen and Blake were watching the pre-tape of Pharrell and Missy Elliott‘s performance and she basically just gave him a lap dance in the dark,” a source told Hollywood Life. "She did it in front of her parents who were still in the audience.”

Tuesday was an emotional night for Stefani and Shelton as “The Voice” season came to end after announcing Jordan Smith as the winner. Stefani, who became close to Shelton during the show, savored every moment of the finale.

Shelton and Stefani had sparked dating rumors on the sets of "The Voice" after their divorce from their respective partners. The two did not confirm their relationship until November.

The new couple indulged in PDA during the show and was also teased by their fellow coaches. However, Shelton’s ex-wife reportedly said that his relationship with Stefani was “just a publicity stunt.”

According to Hollywood Life, Lambert is happy that the ninth season of “The Voice” has finally come to an end.

“Miranda is just over it. Her marriage to Blake is over and she just wants to move on with her life. She’s focusing on her music and her upcoming tour and her friends,” another source told Hollywood Life. “It’s just hard when her ex and his new girlfriend are all over TV, the web and magazines together. Miranda can’t wait till ‘The Voice’ season ends so she can avoid Blake and Gwen’s love fest.”

However, not everyone thinks Shelton and Stefani’s relationship is a sham. Adam Levine’s wife Behati Prinsloo, who was on “Watch What Happens Live” Tuesday, said that Stefani and Shelton are “perfect for each other.”

Amid all the love between Stefani and Shelton, a report surfaced last week that the “Sangria” singer may be flirting with other women despite dating his “The Voice” co-star. However, Gossip Cop debunked the report saying that Shelton was not "betraying" his new girlfriend.