Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and Jane (Jaimie Alexander) shared a romantic scene in “Blindspot” Season 3, episode 1. NBC

“Blindspot” Season 3 executive producer Martin Gero recently opened up about Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) and Kurt Weller’s (Sullivan Stapleton) wedding that was shown in the premiere.

While speaking with TV Line, Gero revealed that it took them an entire day to shoot the opening sequence for the hit NBC TV series. However, Jane and Weller’s actual wedding were only shown for a few minutes.

“It was really wonderful. It was the first day we didn’t actually record dialogue. It was just us hanging out with the cast – a great way to start the season and have a party with everyone we know and love,” he said.

And since Jane and Weller’s love story was so light-hearted in the beginning, it served as a breath of fresh air for a show like “Blindspot.” The series typically sees the characters running after fugitives and villains. Cast member Rob Brown, who plays the role of Reade, was also delighted about the scene.

“It was cool to just film a wedding scene that completely has nothing to do with the case of the week or the tattoos,” he said.

Unfortunately, the positive and happy things that happened in the premiere did not last very long. The rest of the premiere became very emotional for the lead character. So for Alexander and her co-stars to have a really fun time filming the wedding scene was a delight.

“To see everyone truly happy on this show, all at the same time, rarely happens. The rest of the episode is tough, and people are fighting. They’ve forgotten those moments. The episode is a bit like getting the band back together after they’ve reached their happiness peak,” he said.

But even though the premiere episode for “Blindspot” Season 3 was different from the previous installments, the ratings for the series weren’t as impressive. With its new Friday 8 p.m. EDT timeslot, “Blindspot” only garnered a total of 4.1 million viewers 0.7 demo rating, according to Deadline.

During its Season 2 finale, the series earned a total of 4.3 million viewers and a 0.9 demo rating, according to TV Line.