Blindspot season 1 episode 5
In episode 5 of NBC's "Blindspot," Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander, pictured) meets the family of Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton, not pictured), but she gets overwhelmed. NBC

"Blindspot" mystery woman Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) has a lot on her plate and will have a hard time dealing with certain things on the Oct. 19 episode. Last week's show took fans on a crazy little rollercoaster ride when it was revealed that Jane Doe's real identity might not be Taylor Shaw.

Patterson (Ashley Johnson) previously did a DNA test confirming that Jane was Taylor, a former childhood friend of Agent Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) who was abducted from her home when she was a kid. The abduction was pinned on Weller's father, who is now dying of lung cancer.

However, Patterson did another test on Jane's tooth and that one revealed she isn’t Taylor. The test also proved that Jane was born in Africa.

In Monday's episode 5, titled "Split the Law," it seems Jane is having a tough time with her identity and freaks out during a dinner with Weller and his sister Sarah (Jordana Spiro). In a sneak-peek video released by NBC, Jane is seen storming out of the apartment and making a beeline to the elevator in an attempt to leave. Weller runs after her and tells Jane she doesn't have "to become Taylor overnight."

Also in the episode, the FBI and the CIA square off during a hostage situation gone wrong, and Carter (Michael Gaston) still has a few issues with Jane. According to an official synopsis, via TV Guide, "Carter clashes with Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) when he reveals he's skeptical about Jane's loyalties."

In another promo video for episode 5, Carter is seen with a rifle pointed at Jane, but a "surprising person [comes] to her rescue," Entertainment Weekly reports.

*Fun fact: It was previously revealed the episode titles for "Blindspot" are anagrams for the real titles. So far, fans have decoded episode 5's title "Split the Law" as "The Past Will" and "Will The Past."

"Blindspot" airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on NBC.